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Lubaina Bhori ‘23 (Studio Art) Blazes Her Own Path


Lubaina has made the most out of her time at UIndy. A passion for sculpture has influenced her decision to pursue her Master of Arts in Studio Art after completing her major in Architecture from India. Within the Sculpture Department, she is able to independently formulate her study and concentration to reflect her unique interests. 

“I have always been passionate about expressing designs by micro-scoping organic geometry in nature,” said Lubaina. “As an artist, I want to create immersive art that engages space with organic and parametric forms, light and shadow.”

Along with her study, Lubaina volunteered for the Celebration of the Flags event representing her home country of India, hosted two social practice art installations regarding sustainability, and worked for UIndy at the Center for Service-Learning & Community Engagement and the Office of Communications & Marketing

Through UIndy, Lubaina was able to meet Jes Brockman Artemiev, who introduced her to the Indy art organization staff, and got to know Indianapolis’ flourishing artists Quincy Owens and Luke Crawley. Through this connection she was able to work with them during her summer internship.

“With Quincy and Luke, I worked on projects using metal and wood that also integrated light and sound,” Lubaina said, “I learned advanced techniques for assembling large-scale pieces and operated a CNC router and Plasma Cutting table.”

Lubaina cites her mentors, Assistant Professors of Art & Design Nathan Foley and Barry Barnes, for helping her become proficient with the various processes involved in building pieces with metal, wood, and clay. Through them, she is able to experiment with many art-making styles and even see a transformation in her art from an architect to a more holistic and innovative designer.

“It has been fantastic since I am getting a lot of support from the faculty and plenty of hands-on experience with the materials to evolve my artistic voice,” she said.

After graduating, Lubaina expects to work with architects to reinvent cities and plazas with placemaking design and large-scale art installations. She also wishes to open her own studio to aid her passion in creating functional sculpture and immersive art. 

Lubaina recommends UIndy to those who are willing to use the available opportunities creatively. 

“UIndy offers you everything that a good institution has to offer,” Lubaina said. “It all boils down to how well you utilize the resources you are surrounded with. UIndy supports its students to accomplish their goals, and so much help is available from your peers and department. Moreover, you can easily connect with all the students through the events hosted by the University.”

As for advice for incoming freshmen, Lubaina said, “Trust yourself, as the faculty has got your back. Don’t be afraid of trying something new; you will always be surprised by how much more you are capable of.”