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Lilli Keiper ’25 Making Bold Impressions with Graphic Design


Lilli is a sophomore that joined UIndy in 2021 to pursue her creative flair in Graphic design and a minor in Marketing.

 “My experience in the Graphic Design program so far has been great,” said Lilli. “Not only am I building my creative skills, but also my ability to market myself and present my work successfully.” 

Lilli is grateful to receive feedback from her professors, who support her not only during her course but also after graduation. They ensure that each student finds their calling in the professional world. Lilli credits Dr. Ray Begovich for developing her fondness for public speaking, as his lessons are fun and valuable daily.

“Lilli’s work ethic and talent are quite impressive,” said Dr. Begovich. “Her speeches in COMM 100 were outstanding — really well-researched and powerfully delivered. Plus, the topics she chose to study and present were both challenging for her and inspiring to us, her classroom audience.”

Lilli has also worked with the UIndy Office of Communications and Marketing since her freshman year and hopes to continue until graduation. As a student worker, Lilli enjoys writing articles for UIndy360, connecting with the faculty and students, and drafting social media posts for the UIndy accounts. Lilli said, “It’s been a great experience close to my future industry, and my bosses and coworkers have been wonderful, thoughtful, and overall great people to work with.” 

Lilli feels UIndy helped her focus on her dream with constant feedback for improvement. “My favorite thing about UIndy is the small class sizes,” said Lilli. “Feedback is the most important form of education for a designer, and getting to hear it directly from professionals as well as classmates is an invaluable opportunity.”

When asked if she would recommend UIndy to high school students, she said that UIndy has a lot to offer with curated experience, small classrooms, and excellent professors. Her favorite memories at UIndy were hanging out with her dorm friends and bonding with her cohort and faculty. 

Lilli will be graduating in 2025 and would love to stay in Indianapolis. “There’s just so much opportunity here!” said Lilli. Before starting her freelance business, she intends to pursue employment with a design firm to construct a valuable portfolio.