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Q&A with Christian Mireles ‘23 (Public Health Education & Promotion)


The Class of 2023 has officially graduated and is ready to use their UIndy education for service to their communities. Meet first-generation college graduate Christian Mireles, who recently received his Bachelor of Science in Public Health Education & Promotion with a minor in Business Administration!

Why did you choose to study at UIndy?

I chose UIndy because of the sense of belonging I felt here when I arrived on campus. It just felt like a tight-knit community that I wanted to be part of. 

Are you a part of any extracurriculars (either on or off campus)? If so, what are they and what is your role?

I am the student body director for our Student Leadership and Activities Board (SLAB), as well as an ACA in Greyhound Village.

Are there any faculty or staff members who have significantly impacted your time at UIndy? If so, who are they and how did they influence you?

There have been multiple faculty that have significantly impacted my time on campus, including Steven Freck, Jessica Ward, Stephanie Kendall-Deitz, and Jolanda Bean. These staff have pushed me and inspired me to be the greatest person I can be. They have always supported me and have provided guidance to me. 

What is one of your favorite memories from your time at UIndy?

One of my favorite memories is working as an Orientation Leader, where I was able to work over the summer helping students get acclimated to campus life and watching them develop meaningful relationships.

What are your plans after graduation? 

I plan on attending graduate school at UIndy to study Healthcare Administration.

What advice would you give to incoming freshmen?

Some advice I would give to incoming freshmen is to develop connections with your faculty and staff, check your emails, and get involved on campus.