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Liam Price ’24 (Communications): Scholar, Swimmer, and Community Leader


Liam Price ’24 has already set quite the track record of success at UIndy—and he’s not finished yet. For starters, he’s a recipient of both the Ronald McDonald and Richard G. Lugar scholarships. He’s also on the UIndy swim team. The communications major also just got accepted into the Healthy Diploma program, a 15-credit concentration that teaches on the dimensions of health and the nation’s leading health concerns. Plus, he’s interned with the White River Township Fire Department and has another internship opportunity planned with the Marion County Sheriff’s Department. Finally, as part of the Team Indiana swim team, Price will represent the state at the 2022 Special Olympics USA Games in Orlando!

Learn more about the sophomore UIndy student:

The UIndy experience: “My experience at UIndy has been great because I have been able to be a part of the swim team and the BUILD program, allowing me to interact with a lot of caring people on campus.”

Sharing success: “I would recommend UIndy to high school students because especially for those who have learning disabilities. The BUILD program offers tutoring sessions for those who may need extra accommodation for schoolwork and life skills. For the rest of the individuals, there are all kinds of people willing to help you and all sorts of subjects that you can figure out where you belong.”

Life after graduation: “I would like to start up my own podcast episodes through Unified Sports. I also want to become part of Special Olympics staff, which I have been involved with for a long time. Also, volunteer firefighting would be a good additional fit for myself because I have had experience working with firemen in the community, protecting and saving many lives, and love what it has to offer.”

Advice for incoming freshmen: “Freshman, take advantage of your college years! Take your academics seriously, as it will only help you succeed in college life and to help reveal opportunities that await in your future. Also, have fun!”