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Nina Metaxas ’23 (Psychology) Finds Perfect Fit with UIndy


For sophomore Nina Metaxas ’23, UIndy was the natural choice.

“I chose UIndy because of its renowned OT program,” says the psychology major with a pre-occupational therapy concentration. “Between course offerings, research opportunities, and extracurricular activities, it provides great preparation for grad school and beyond. Everything just adds another layer of context for being well-prepared for the future.”

UIndy was a family tradition, too. Metaxas’ mother and sister are both UIndy alum!

And, entering as a freshmen with college credits thanks to her high school AP coursework, she was able to shave a year off, allowing her to graduate a year early in 2023.

Prepared for success

Once she started at UIndy and met her professors, Metaxas knew once again that she’d made the right choice.

“I really like the professors here. They are very approachable and accessible,” she shares. “And I’ve even had professors willing to Zoom with me on a Saturday to talk through test prep. The level of support here is rare, and it feels good to be in a place where everyone wants you to succeed.”

And succeeding she is.

The Presidential Scholar is taking advantage of every opportunity she can—starting with her research assistant position with Kate Polo, associate professor with the School of Occupational Therapy, a group of graduate students working on a research project involving cancer survivorship and OT practice. In this role, Metaxas transcribes data, attends focus groups, and takes meeting minutes. Next semester, she’ll learn how to code data. She says she’s really benefited from having a first row seat to Polo’s research and how OT can apply in an educational setting.

Metaxas is also part of the honors program. She’s in the early stages of her honors project, which is a requirement for graduation. Her project is going to focus on stereotypes present in Disney’s children’s books and young children’s understanding of complex social constructs.

Campus involvement

It was also important to Metaxas to immerse herself in UIndy campus life. She thought a great way to learn all about the university—and make some money at the same time—was to become a tour guide. Not only did it give her a network of people with the other tour guides, but every time she gives a tour, she’s reminded what drew her to UIndy as well.

Additionally, Metaxas joined UIndy’s Student Occupational Therapy Association, which includes occupational therapy students at all levels: undergraduate, graduate and doctorate.

“It’s great to connect with those in my chosen field who are a little bit ahead of me,” says Metaxas. “They can give me advice and guide me on what’s to come with my next educational step.”

Looking ahead

While Metaxas is soaking up all that UIndy has to offer, she’s got an eye on the future, too. Following her graduation in 2023, she plans to attend grad school (not surprisingly, UIndy is her first choice!). Eventually, she hopes to work as an OT in a children’s hospital, an elementary school, or with a program like First Steps where she can bring together all her passions: psychology, occupational therapy and children.