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Jamie Stumpf ’22: Nursing during a critical time


Jamie Stumpf is a senior nursing student at UIndy who is set to graduate in May of 2022. Her experience has been a unique one as COVID hit in the middle of her program, forcing her and her professors to adapt to the pandemic within a field that was needed the most. But the experience has only made her more certain of her chosen field.

“I plan to become a critical care nurse after graduation. I currently work as a patient care tech in the adult intensive care unit at Franciscan Health. Once I graduate, I hope to take a full-time position in this unit.”

A recipient of both the Richard Lugar Scholarship and the Lilly Endowment Scholarship, Stumpf has done multiple clinical sites and rotations in her four years at the school. She credits UIndy professors with helping her grow in her nursing knowledge and capabilities.

“Penny Strouse was my OB clinical instructor and one of my professors for my OB rotation. She has been a constant source of support and love throughout my time of knowing her,” Stumpf says. “Also, Dr. Jennifer Carmack has been such a huge inspiration for me to work my hardest. She has been a person for me to go to with questions on content, ask for advice on all kinds of topics, and overall has been just an amazing person to talk to and learn from.”

Stumpf says both professors have inspired her to be the best student, and ultimately, the best nurse, she can be.

Involvement strengthens experience

In addition to her class and clinical experiences, Stumpf has been involved in UIndy in other ways.

“I was a member of UIndy Pride for three years and was an executive board member for one year. I truly met some of the best people in that group. When I came to college, I wanted to be involved in a club where I could be surrounded by people who were more like me. I found that in Pride.”

She’s also a student representative for her nursing cohort, a position that’s given her opportunities to work on her professionalism and learn to talk to others with confidence and maturity.

“It has also helped me gain great personal relationships with nursing faculty which I am extremely appreciative of because it makes learning from them that much more fun,” she says.

Growth continues

While she’s taken advantage of many opportunities, Stumpf is still learning to stretch herself and step outside of her comfort zone—and that’s what her advice would be for any incoming and current students.

“Step out of your comfort zone, have fun, and make memories,” she says, “because this is a great place to do all of the above.”