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How Running Back Andrew Walker ’18 Launched his Own Clothing Line


Andrew Walker has taken what he’s learned at UIndy to create his own clothing line and launch his dreams of becoming a successful entrepreneur. He’s done it with the toughness and craftiness you’d expect from a student-athlete-entrepreneur. And, he was able to take his vision and make it a reality–all thanks to the hands-on experience and mentor relationships he gained at UIndy. 

After getting his undergraduate degree, Walker pursued a Master’s in Strategic Leadership & Design from the UIndy School of Business. Along the way, outstanding UIndy mentors provided advice, knowledge, and encouragement that have fueled his own strong drive to succeed–that’s what led him to start his own business: a line of apparel called Cours Clothing.

What makes Andrew’s story even more impressive is that he achieved all of this while also contributing as a key player on the Greyhounds’ 2017 undefeated football team. Head Football Coach, Bob Bartolomeo, and many others on the UIndy athletics staff imparted not only the value of grit and determination, but how to reach the threshold and then break it. “When you get hit on every play, you’ve got to always get back up and push even harder. My UIndy mentors helped me train my brain to remain in the present and to be resilient,” says Walker.

Walker’s mentors in the classroom were also key to his development. As an undergrad, Darrell K. Cousert, Professor of Business Management, helped him put together his first business plan. Later in his graduate work, Professor Jim Patton made a big impression as Walker’s “Human Performance Appraisal” instructor.

“That class really opened my mind about the psychology behind business and honed my problem-solving skills. I now understand that finding a solution starts from inside out, not outside in.” The wisdom and perspective of his UIndy mentors was absolutely key when it came time for Walker to launch Cours Clothing.

Andrew recently partnered up with Square Cat Vinyl in the Fountain Square district of Indianapolis to showcase his winter collection “STAY THE COURS.”

The event featured a DJ and two live performances from local Indianapolis artists. In Walker’s words, “I wanted to create an environment where people could enjoy great art and music, have a coffee, and check out my collection.

“The entire essence behind my brand is to spread positive energy. This particular collection got its name because that’s what people say to each other to encourage them in good times or bad,” explains Walker. So we asked Andrew, how does one stay the cours?

You do it by following the stepping stones: Understanding your VISION, formulating a PLAN to achieve that vision, applying ACTION to the vision/plan, and then maintaining FOCUS on the journey.

Andrew Walker

“I owe a lot to my UIndy coaches, trainers, and professors,” says Walker. “I’ve had this dream of starting my own clothing line for some time, but they showed me how to achieve that goal. That’s how it works here. You bring the energy, the focus, the commitment, and your mentors at UIndy help you draw up a plan and find your path.”