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Primrose Paul ‘23 (Studio Art): Cultivating her Artistic Vision for the UIndy Community


Primrose Paul ‘23: Cultivating her Artistic Vision for the UIndy Community

When Primrose Paul ‘23 came to UIndy, she was originally a biology major who worked in a research lab focused on spiders. But as she explored her passions further, Paul made the switch to the humanities. Now, she studies studio arts with added minors in history of art and philosophy. This change has allowed her to fully immerse herself in UIndy. She’s been chosen as a student curator, which will allow her to curate a multicultural space on campus. Even more, this is laying the groundwork for Paul’s dream career: art curator and poet.

Learn more about her work:

  • Faculty Mentorship: “Dr. Amber Smith has been a mentor to me. She is one of those women who you meet, and you are in awe of. I would describe her as the one person who helps me make sound decisions and paves the way for me to excel in what I aim to achieve. I have received help from her in bettering my leadership skills, offering career development opportunities and above all, being a good listener. Also, before I switched majors, I enjoyed working with Dr Milne in the lab.”
  • Extracurricular activities: “I am the president of the Black Student Association, and a presidential ambassador of the president’s office. Being part of the Black Student Association board has been the most impactful experience by far. Not only has it given me a sense of belonging, but it’s also driven me to fight for my existence as a Black person and a woman.”
  • The UIndy experience: “What I love most about UIndy are the people. I value the interactions I have been able to make. It has offered me the opportunity to engage with other people due to the shared space. I’m also appreciative of the financial aid and scholarships I’ve received from UIndy—it’s allowed me to stay in school because it covers most of my schooling experiences.”
  • Advice for incoming freshmen: “Take your gen ed classes first and don’t rush into the plan you think you have. Give yourself the opportunity to explore before you settle on a major if you are having second thoughts about it.”