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Hannah Hardin ’22 (Biology) Serves the Community Through CMFK


Hannah is currently a senior at UIndy, majoring in Biology, with a minor in Chemistry, and a pre-med concentration. She was involved in community service, as a peer tutor, and she also fundraised for UIndy’s Dance Marathon. Currently, Hannah serves as the treasurer of Doctors Without Borders, and she also is the President of UIndy’s College Mentors for Kids. Hannah said, “If I had to briefly sum up how I think the community is benefitting through my service, I would make note of my passion for touching others. One of the biggest reasons I decided to pursue medicine and the main reason I want to be a family doctor is that I am passionate about uplifting the community, helping underserved populations, and fulfilling my utmost potential by dedicating my service to those in need. I am so thankful of the experiences UIndy has given me, and will never forget the smiling faces of the lives of those that I touched.”

Hannah has served tirelessly to sustain the CMFK program at UIndy during the pandemic in virtual ways and is now supporting the transition of the program back to in-person student experiences on campus for kids who are first generation students from two neighbor IPS schools (IPS 65 & IPS 114). When Hannah was asked about the importance of her role she added, “I want to make the exec staff more aware of the needs in the community, more efficient in training mentors to be positive role models and encourage and recruit students with similar passions to be a part of our amazing program. I am working to promote optimism, leadership, service, and instill valuable life skills that UIndy students, and IPS students, will take with them through their life. I feel very fortunate to have been able to be a part of this program, and I look forward to seeing how much more we can do in the upcoming semester.”

Hannah is a true testament and representation of what UIndy does best, Education for Service! Hannah adds, “In addition to what I believe I am contributing to the community, I believe that being a part of College Mentors for Kids has molded me into the leader I am today. It has presented many challenges and I have learned to utilize my resources, depend on others, and believe in myself, even when I thought I was incapable. This program allowed me to grow into the person I am now, and I believe the skills I have learned, like integrity, problem-solving, teamwork, attentiveness, and empathy, will make me a great doctor of the future.”  Hannah is also a teaching assistant on campus, and she works in the emergency room as a medical scribe.