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“There’s nothing like it.” Mateo Cedano ’24 Shares Experience with ProEdge


When Mateo Cedano ‘24 (Information Systems and Applied Business Analytics) became a student at the University of Indianapolis, he didn’t know what he wanted his future to look like. Cedano came to UIndy as a football player majoring in Marketing, which he thought fit his personality well. But after a conversation with his mom, Cedano decided to take a closer look at data analytics. “The world of data is huge, and there’s a lot of projected job growth,” Cedano said. “It was a lot of problem solving, and I fell in love with it.” 

Cedano chose UIndy because he felt like there were more opportunities available here than other schools in central Indiana. “I wanted to set myself up in the right area to get myself ready for my next step in life,” he said. “UIndy has been everything and more than I’ve ever expected. I really can’t ask for anything more.”

Soon after changing his major to something more fitting, Cedano was able to join the Office of Inclusive Excellence as a delegate, become vice president of the analytics club, and president of the business administration club. He very quickly filled up his free time with his interests, and felt like he set himself on the right path. 

The Stephen F. Fry Professional Edge Center was also a huge help to Cedano during his first years as a Greyhound—in particular, Kirk Bryans showed Cedano how far he could go in life. 

“Kirk has gone above and beyond to help me—like helping me get my resume together when I was interviewing for internships. He also helped me prepare for the interview itself, and when it was done, he was there for feedback and to see how it went,” Cedano said. “He’s been one of my biggest supporters.” 

After getting involved with the ProEdge office and Kirk Bryan, Cedano was able to land an internship with The Heritage Group. “They were the number one pick on my list. I’m very grateful I got to take advantage of the opportunity ProEdge offered me,” Cedano said. 

He also mentioned that often at bigger schools, students don’t always receive the same attention and opportunities they do at smaller schools. “There’s nothing like it,” Cedano said. “UIndy is special, and the ProEdge office is like a family.” 

After graduation, Cedano hopes to continue his work with The Heritage Group while also entertaining the idea of graduate school.